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It's The Baddest Bitch Y'all


Posted on August 15 2019

Whether you grew up to the tunes of, "Whoop Whoop, pull over that ass is too fat" OR "Shit, I'm the Baddest Bitch; Who's Bad? Who's, Who's Bad" you can remember this hot mama when she first dropped from the streets of MIA.  Even more so when she collaborated with Lil Webbie for INDEPENDENT.  I'm a Louisiana girl, so you know I was feeling that jam. 

I'm too thrilled to see Trina being styled in SG Couture Boutique pieces as she partake in her interview with the talented Claire Sulmers for Convos With Claire.  It's truly breathtaking just watching and even learning how the industry works, yet she manage to keep true top what she live by.  That's definitely to be respected.  

Just know, class and all, I'll always feel like the Baddest Bitch...thanks to Trina.  Love you ma


Meek Monroe, Owner

SG Couture Boutique 


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